My Published Work in the Santa Barbara Independent

In the list below, you’ll find selected clips from my internship as a local news reporter for the Santa Barbara Independent during the summer of 2011.


DUI Case Swerves Off the Map

Allegations of misconduct against a Santa Barbara police officer are making big splashes in what would normally be a standard DUI case. | 07.07.11

Judge Tosses Lance from Court

“This isn’t the Eastern bloc — it’s the United States of America,” freelance journalist Peter Lance said as court bailiffs gripped him by the elbow to escort him out of the courtroom. | 08.02.11

What Gag Order?

Judge Brian Hill eased tensions in a heated courtroom Tuesday by declining to impose sanctions on freelance journalist Peter Lance and the Santa Barbara News-Press for defying his previously issued gag order. | 07.27.11


The Company That Cuts Both Ways

While some workers and customers praise Vector Marketing for offering valuable work experience to students right out of high school, others accuse the company of using overly aggressive recruiting tactics and preying on desperate, naive students. | 08.02.11

Men to Mars from Vandenberg?

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk thinks his company can help reverse the downward trajectory of American space travel. | 07.15.11

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