My Published Work in the Santa Barbara Independent

In the list below, you’ll find selected clips from my internship as a local news reporter for the Santa Barbara Independent during the summer of 2011.


DUI Case Swerves Off the Map

Allegations of misconduct against a Santa Barbara police officer are making big splashes in what would normally be a standard DUI case. | 07.07.11

Judge Tosses Lance from Court

“This isn’t the Eastern bloc — it’s the United States of America,” freelance journalist Peter Lance said as court bailiffs gripped him by the elbow to escort him out of the courtroom. | 08.02.11

What Gag Order?

Judge Brian Hill eased tensions in a heated courtroom Tuesday by declining to impose sanctions on freelance journalist Peter Lance and the Santa Barbara News-Press for defying his previously issued gag order. | 07.27.11


The Company That Cuts Both Ways

While some workers and customers praise Vector Marketing for offering valuable work experience to students right out of high school, others accuse the company of using overly aggressive recruiting tactics and preying on desperate, naive students. | 08.02.11

Men to Mars from Vandenberg?

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk thinks his company can help reverse the downward trajectory of American space travel. | 07.15.11

My Published Work in the Hartford Courant

In the list below, you’ll find selected clips from my internship as the South Windsor beat reporter on the state desk of the Hartford Courant during the summer of 2012.

Economic Development

South Windsor Struggles To Attract, Retain Young Professionals

Some say the town may not be doing enough to make its housing facilities, job opportunities, and recreational options appealing to young people. | 08.17.12

A1 story: Troubled Connecticut Studios Project Approaching Construction Deadline

A series of false starts and delays over the past four years has some town officials questioning whether construction on a promised movie studio will ever begin — and considering pulling the plug. | 07.26.12

Despite Encouraging Financial Projections, Questions Remain for Connecticut Studios Project

Town councilors were denied conclusive answers to several of their questions about the viability of the project.. | 07.31.12

Local Politics

Towns Divided in Greater Windsor Probate Primary

The Connecticut River, which snakes between Windsor on the west bank and South Windsor and East Windsor on the east bank, has emerged as the dividing line in the primary battle for the Democratic probate judge nominee in the Greater Windsor district. | 06.25.12

Probate Judge Candidates Walk Fine Line When Raising Campaign Funds

How do you address the need to raise money for a political campaign while seeking a position that demands impartiality? | 07.20.12


My Published Work in The Harvard Crimson

In the list below, you’ll find selected clips from my work as a Harvard Crimson staff reporter, a position I held from December 2010 to December 2012. I went on to serve as Managing Editor of the paper in 2013. 

Senior Survey

Interactive Feature: The Class of 2014, By the Numbers

The Crimson’s annual survey of the graduating senior class, presented in words, graphs, and numbers. | 05.27.14

Four-Part Series on Student Discipline

Part I: Ad Board’s Educational Mission Under Scrutiny

Some say that the punishment of a forced year off from school for students who have been found guilty of cheating dogs them long after their undergraduate years but teach them nothing about appropriate academic practices. | 10.23.12

Part II: Ad Board’s Advising System Faces Criticism

The massive Government 1310 scandal is placing unprecedented demands on the resident deans who are responsible for guiding their own students through the process and deliberating on the fates of dozens of others. | 10.24.12

Part III: For Ad Board, Burdened Proof

As students implicated in the current Government 1310 scandal try to clear their names, critics say the Ad Board’s closed deliberations may not really offer due process. | 10.24.12

Part IV: Critics Call for Student Role on Ad Board

As a massive cheating scandal revives dormant calls for a Harvard honor code, some say it is high time for the dropped proposal of an alternative board to be reconsidered. | 10.24.12

“Intro to Congress” Cheating Scandal

Harvard Investigates “Unprecedented” Academic Dishonesty Case

Harvard College’s disciplinary board is investigating nearly half of the more than 250 students who enrolled in “Introduction to Congress” last spring. | 08.30.12

Students Accused in Cheating Scandal Frustrated by Uncertain Process

As Harvard conducts its most sweeping academic dishonesty investigation in recent memory, several students say they are frustrated by the uncertainty they face as the Ad Board debates if and how to punish them. | 09.01.12

Cheating Scandal Erupts After Short-Answer Questions Added To Congress Exams

Students who took “Introduction to Congress” in recent years describe a course with a noted culture of collaboration, a practice that eventually led to alleged widespread cheating after the professor added a difficult short answer component to the course’s take-home exams. | 09.04.12

Typo at Root of Cheating Scandal, Letter Reveals

The professor of Government 1310 noted suspicious similarities between exams in his original letter to the Ad Board. | 09.12.12

Tuition Concerns Raised in Cheating Scandal

The unclear timeline for decisions in this fall’s sweeping plagiarism investigation has raised questions about potential disparities in tuition fees for students asked to withdraw from Harvard mid-semester. | 09.13.12

My Published Work in the Washington Post

In the list below, you’ll find selected clips from my internship as a reporter on the financial desk of the Washington Post during the summer of 2014.

Personal Finance

Churches step in with alternative to high-interest, small-dollar lending industry

Unlike commercial lenders or other nonprofit alternatives, church-backed plans offer near-zero rates. | 01.09.15

Irrational actors: Americans ignore Social Security rules when remarrying

Social Security can be an economic penalty to remarry before you turn 60. But love is blind to dollars. | 07.21.14

The Global Economy

With Africa’s private sector on the rise, U.S. businesses seek to expand their presence

The region’s strong economic performance is attracting attention from China and other competitors. | 08.05.14

Meet the billionaire hedge-fund manager at the center of Argentina’s default

Paul Singer has already won debt disputes with Peru and Congo-Brazzaville. Now he’s trying to get Argentina to pay up. | 07.31.14

The Airline Industry

Airfare is up, but Labor Day travelers are flying anyway

Consumers are buying air tickets even amid higher prices and stagnant disposable income growth. | 08.29.14

The airlines are making millions, but there’s no relief in sight for consumers

With investors primed to reap the rewards of a newly buoyant airline industry, there is no sign that consumers would see any financial benefits. | 07.28.14

Wall Street

Amid rising geopolitical turmoil, investors may be feeling risk-averse

The stock market is showing volatility, while demand for low-risk government bonds is up. | 08.08.14

SEC head advocates bond market reforms

The proposed rules are designed to improve transparency and help investors get better prices. | 06.20.14

Why stock markets keep shrugging off crisis after crisis

Turmoil abroad? Uncertainty at home? Wall Street doesn’t seem to care. | 06.19.14


For an evolving GE, consumer products are not a priority

GE wants to shed its appliances business as it grows increasingly distant from U.S. consumers’ lives. | 08.15.14

Wal-Mart finds bright spot in its small-scale stores, e-commerce

As the U.S. division struggles overall, its small-scale neighborhood stores and e-commerce sales are thriving. | 08.14.14

With consumers still cautious, July retail sales stay flat

Though they marked an improvement compared to July of last year, the figures marked the retail industry’s worst performance since bad weather kept shoppers home in January. | 08.13.14

In a surprising move, Dollar Tree will buy Family Dollar for $8.5 billion

Dollar Tree will buy Family Dollar, creating a retail giant with 13,000 stores and $18 billion in sales. | 07.28.14

With business hurting, Wal-Mart replaces its U.S. chief

Bill Simon has led over a decline in the company’s U.S. division as it faced tougher competition from online and discount retailers. | 07.24.14

The U.S. Export-Import Bank

These are the companies with the most to lose from the Ex-Im Bank battle

Boeing, GE, Caterpillar and a New Jersey-based food product distributor make our list. | 07.01.14

The Ex-Im Bank battle is personal for these small business owners

Companies in the district of Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Tex.) are joining the fray over the export credit agency’s future. | 06.27.14

U.S. Export-Import Bank chief faces heat from Republicans in House hearing

The export-credit agency faces a tough reauthorization battle from some Republicans on House panel. | 06.25.14

How a once-obscure agency is dividing the GOP over ‘corporate welfare’

Conservative opposition to the U.S. Export-Import Bank took a serious turn this week with reports that former bank officials were under investigation for accepting gifts and kickbacks. | 06.25.14